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Gardening Trivia Questions

To prevent weeds C. Click to see the correct answer.

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Plants and Gardening Quiz 1 1.

Gardening trivia questions. Which daisy like flower the national flower of Mexico gets its name from an 18th century Swedish Botanist. Chestnut Click to see the correct answer 3. Questions The love apple is the original name for what.

There is 10 questions on a video which can be projected onto a wall if you are doing a group quiz. 35 Gardening Quiz Questions And Answers. Explore the world of gardening with the help of the forty quizzes in this series.

Our online gardening trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top gardening quizzes. A tropical flower named Strelitzia is also known as which kind of bird. According to the Bible where was Jesus betrayed by Judas.

Which flower according to legend bloomed everywhere that lord Buddha walked. A comprehensive database of gardening quizzes online test your knowledge with gardening quiz questions. Eggplant or Solanum melongena The aubergine is an edible species of nightshade.

In which US state are the most tomatoes produced. The garden was called Back to Nature and was created in partnership with landscape architects Andree Davies and Adam White. A sunken fence or ditch.

Florida California Ohio Indiana 3. Replacing your lawn with naturalised flowers. Which television presenter and gardener owns a garden in Herefordshire called Longmeadow.

Here is a Flower and Gardening Quiz we have put together for you to share with your senior residents in aged care. Growing your own vegetables and plants is a serious job and it is not an easy task by any means. 11 The love apple is the original name for what.

To find out how much you know about gardening well ask you questions like. Wilsons Wonder is a kind of which nut tree. What is the name of this.

These days its seeds can be eaten raw and its stamens dried to produce fragrant teas. Using little or no fertiliser in your garden. Which of these groups of vegetables need most frequent watering.

What part of the plant is a carrot. Question 3 - Popular garden flower. 129 Last updated.

Gardening Trivia Questions and Answers. Dont eat the flowers or leaves or any of. What is the alternative name for the aubergine.

Every gardener has a dream of what they hope to grow in their garden and they hope it all works out as it. What cells in a flower produce pollen. Each of the 400 questions comes complete with its own expandable image in glorious colour.

See how much you know about flowering annuals biennials perennials fruits and vegetables as well as the most common pests diseases and weeds. What makes plants green. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using mulch.

To keep the soil cool B. Buckle up those overalls and see how much you really know about that garden youve been dreaming about. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Which plant takes its name from the Italian phrase for beautiful women. By what name is Lancelot Brown usually better known. Which of these bulbs when cooked is considered good to eat.

Which flower can change its colour from blue to pink by adding acid into the soil. Or do you know the different uses of various shovels and rakes. What can you use cow poop for.

Here are the 10 answers. What is the popular name for the flowering houseplant Impatiens Walleriana. The most wonderful plant in the world.

Are you obsessed with your garden. If you are someone who thinks that gardening only involves placing some plants into the ground and all you have to do next is to wait for the crop then this quiz might not be for you. What is pomology the study of.

Well this quiz is here to test your gardening wits. There is so much to learn when it comes to gardening and this quiz will separate the green-thumbed from the black-thumbed. Is a cultivator used at the beginning or the end of a growing season.

Gardening with drought resistant plants. Basic Trivia Questions On Garden Designing. A sunken fence or ditch.

A digging tool. Gardening Quiz Questions II Who is the patron saint of gardeners horticulture florists brides and brewers. To prevent Grey Mould a fungal disease from transferring from the soil to the fruits.

Can you identify a hoe from a loop hoe. Below is a basic trivia questions on garden designing that is perfect for ensuring you have the garden of your dreams. Test your knowledge about gardening activities and plants with this gardening quiz.

Which famous 30 acre. How can you tell the age of a tree. A triangular ladder 3.

Rooks are gregarious whereas crows tend to be solitary. DOWNLOAD QUIZ TO PRINT. The love apple.

Do you plant your own vegetables and herbs to enjoy at your familys dinner table. What fruit comes in varieties Oro Blanco Ruby Red Thompson and Pink. What is the other name for a Mountain-Ash tree.

Which of the. Watermelon winter squash pumpkin. Which grain is used to make semolina.

Charles Darwin described this carnivorous plant. What would a gardener do with a dibber or dibble. A yellow flower.

Which fruit has main varieties slicing burpless and pickling.

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