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Youtube Comments Wont Load

I either dont have Ad Block or am not seeing it in my add-ons. Ive checked with two other browsers.

Top 6 Ways To Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading In Chrome

We recommend clearing data created by the browser in the past 24 hours.

Youtube comments wont load. To do so on the Google Chrome browser just head over to the YouTube website and click on the lock icon on the far left of the address bar. There will just be the spinning loading wheel. If you dont see them loading you may be experiencing a technical issue with your browser a slower internet connection or improper loading of the page.

On the 10-20 times they do when I click the view replies they wont load and just gives me the loading wheel. If the browser works normally in incognito mode there is probably some broken extension on your device that is causing the YouTube not loading comments error to appear. I hate youtube and their stupid shit.

To open an incognito browsing window you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift N in a Chrome tab. Use the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet close it and restart it. Browsers have become an important part of our d.

Google Product Forum question Why cant I see any comments on Youtube showed suggestions to disable Ad Block. This can be done by entering the apps setting from the Apps Notifications menu then selecting the YouTube app from the list. Comments do load with other browsers egSafari This has occurred since the change in YouTubes comment policies November 2013.

To do this click on the refresh button on your browser. So for the past couple days to a week Ive noticed that when I visit a video on YouTube there is a 80-90 chance that the comments wont load. Mobile devices are not immune from YouTube comment problems either.

YouTube comments load in the comments section of a YouTube video. Next click on the Site settings option. If you are on YouTube via an internet browser you should first try to reload the website.

This will direct you to another page displaying the list of permissions that the site may ask for. Now try to load the YouTube page in Incognito mode. Is there another add-on that could be.

If you are not seeing or are not able to enter comments on an Android device you can remove the cache for the app as well. YouTube Comments Wont Load - Lets Try to Fix ItGoogle Chrome is one of the most famous browsers out there. For 2k4k Res click here.

Consider refreshing checking your connection or your browser settings. In many cases this already solves the problem and the comments. This video shows how to fix the comments section loading for long time wont load and not showing in Youtube Videos sometimes Youtube video comments wont loa.

If you still cant view YouTube comments repeat step 1 to 3 and select other.

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Top 6 Ways To Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading In Chrome

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How To Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading In Chrome

Top 6 Ways To Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading In Chrome

Youtube Comments Not Loading Try This

How To Fix Youtube Comments Not Loading In Chrome

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